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0-900 Disqualified from OGA DPC South America Regional League Lower Division

We have received information that a player from team 0-900 competing in the OGA DPC South America Regional League Lower Division has been betting on league matches.

The integrity of our tournaments is of paramount importance to us. Prohibited activities such as betting on matches is both undermining to that integrity and wholly unacceptable.

Therefore after careful analysis and consideration of the evidence presented to us, we have decided to disqualify 0-900 from competing in the league.

Their upcoming matches with Mad Kings and Incubus have been canceled, and all matches will be void. Opponents of 0-900 will receive a default 2:0 win for previous matches played and the two canceled matches.

The League format will not be affected by this decision. 0-900 will be eliminated from the league by default, along with the team which takes seventh place through regular competition.